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What Do Deacons Do?



The Board of Deacons has been called to serve the church and the community. The Board
consists of nineteen members, including one Youth Deacon.

The Deacons have the following designated committees to which each Deacon volunteers
his or her time and talents:

College Care: College students receive packages from our Board of Deacons to help make
their adjustment to college easier and remind them of our church’s love for them. In the
spring and fall, our senior high youth group assists the Deacons in preparing and sending
approximately 17 care packages. Contacting Absent Members: The Board of Deacons follows

up with members that have been absent from worship for three consecutive weeks. This allows

us to nurture to their needs or reach out to other church officers to assist.

Visitations: As Deacons, we reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ. On a rotating
basis, two of our Deacons visit those in the hospital, rehabilitation center or home each
week, taking flowers that have been generously donated to beautify the church on Sunday
mornings. A recent request to the congregation resulted in the collection of many vases that
the Deacons can use for this purpose. Caring for our members also includes sending get
well, sympathy and holiday cards. Additional ministry to our members includes assistance
with the planning and coordination of Christmas caroling and participation in the service of
homebound communion.


Meals: Deacons assist families with meals following the birth of a new baby, a death in the
family, or a prolonged illness or surgery. Meals are prepared and delivered to those in need
by volunteers from the designated parish or fellow Deacons.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: The Board of Deacons initiated a prayer shawl ministry.
Hand made blankets and shawls are prepared by volunteers from the congregation, then delivered

by a deacon with blessings and prayers to members who can use their healing
touch. To date, twelve shawls were delivered through this ministry.


Fellowship Dinners: The dinner, usually held monthly on a Tuesday 

evening, is open to all church members. Since it is catered, a fee to cover costs (about $13)
is charged and reservations are required. These dinners have been actively attended by
about 20 people who enjoy this time of intimate fellowship.


Plant Program: During the Christmas and Easter seasons, holiday plants are given to our
homebound members and those with special needs, and also all members of our church


Prayer Chain: The Deacons share prayer requests with each other and pray for the needs
of others in the church and our world through a prayer chain. Individuals interested in
praying for members and friends can participate either by phone or email.


The Deacons also host two dinners, a Spaghetti Dinner with "WhiteElephant" Auction in January

and a fish fry in March, to create some fellowship opportunities