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               Fellowship Hour                







What food and drink do I provide or prepare?


Milk for coffee and tea




Finger foods such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. are suggested


(Some members provide more elaborate selections of foods, but it is not required.)


Make regular and decaf coffee (coffees and teas are provided) and heat water for tea.




How many people should I expect at Fellowship Hour?


A guesstimate is 20-40. Numbers vary with the day and season, with fewer coming during the summer months.




What supplies are provided and where are they?


Fellowship Hour expendable supplies are in the locked cabinet to the left of the freezer: paper cups (hot and cold), paper plates, napkins, plastic ware, sugar, sweeteners, teas, etc. and coffees (regular and decaf)


Carafes, serving trays, pitchers, etc. are located in other cabinets




What do I set up in Fellowship Hall?


Set up tables for serving (usually 3) with table cloths (in cabinet to the left of stove)


Set up another table with a few chairs for those who prefer to sit down.


Put out paper supplies, foods, drinks, etc. on serving tables




What time should I come to Fellowship Hall to set up?


An hour before church starts is about the right amount of time to prepare. Towards the end of the church service, come down to FH to serve.




Who can I ask to get the lock combination and to answer any questions I have about hosting a Fellowship Hour?


You can call on anyone of the Deacons n to help you, answer questions or even partner with you for your first Fellowship Hour. Or, you can partner with a friend who has Fellowship Hour “expertise.” Partnering is a great way to “learn the ropes!”




Can I sign up to do Fellowship Hour to celebrate a special occasion?


Yes, many share their celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events with their church family by hosting a Fellowship Hour.




Where do I sign up to volunteer to host a Fellowship Hour?


A calendar is posted above the pew in Fellowship Hall where you can sign up for any open date that you would like. Or, you can contact Susan Fenning  by calling 732.6076773 oremail to mskfenn!aol.com if you are able to host any of these dates!  Perhaps you have a birthday, anniversary or some other occasion that you would like to celebrate


Host needed presently are the following dates:



 October 26; watch for more information for October - December.


Please consider volunteering for one of these dates!