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Mission Matawan


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Mission Matawan Prepares for 11th Year


July 6 – July 13 (Saturday – Saturday)



During the week of July 6 – July , willing volunteers will help others get things done around the house or in their lives.


There is a role for everyone:  breakfast servers, task supervisors, client visitors, phone callers, skilled and unskilled mission helpers.  If you are willing and able to do some unskilled labor, like mowing a lawn, cleaning a gutter, painting a fence, or planting some annuals, or you are skilled in felling a tree or doing masonry work, Mission Matawan will dispatch you and other volunteers with a team leader to help a client who has requested such assistance. 


Maybe you’d rather volunteer to provide logistical support to the project? There is always a need for shoppers, food preparers, registration desk clerks, party hosts, and job assessors.


How much are you Expected to Work?  Most people donate 1-3 days, but others can only give 1/2 day of their time, or only for non-strenuous work.  Parents with children younger than 14 may wish to spend an hour or two on a yard project to give their children a taste for mission work.


Other ways to help:  We are seeking a place to have our end of week potluck dinner/picnic.  If you would like to host, this is a great way to meet many volunteers, and is a great way to honor those who worked outside all week.  Volunteers unwind in an informal setting and usually outdoors and discuss the events of the week.


So far we have received about ten requests for assistance and could end up with double that before the end of June. We will need about 10 volunteers each day to get all the project work completed plus an equal number to handle logistics. If you can spare even one or two days, your efforts will be appreciated. 


Our Program week is lining up as follows:


Daily: 7 – 9 am   Food Preparers shop, fix breakfast, and cleanup

8 – 9 am   Registration and Breakfast in Fellowship Hall

     9 – Noon    Morning Work

          Lunch Break

     1 – 4 pm   Afternoon Work



Everyone aged 14 and over is eligible to go out on projects.  Those under 18 will need a permission slip signed.


On the following pages, you will find forms for sign up for adult and youth and if work is needed.  Please print what you may need or you may sign up in Fellowship Hall or call Diana Noble at 732-566-2845.