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Learning Through PLay






When I Play I Learn


When I paint I learn...


  • To Develop eye-hand coordination (writing skill)
  • To express my feelings and ideas (language)
  • Relationships of size and space (math)
  • How colors mix to create new colors (science)
  • Concepts of size, shape, and location (math and writing)


When I glue and collage I learn...


  • About different textures (intelligence)
  • To differentiate patterns from a background (reading skill)
  • To create patterns and designs


When I play with blocks, cars and trucks I learn...


  • Concepts of size, length, and location (math and reading)
  • To create and repeat patterns (math)
  • To cooperate with others (social)
  • To solve problems (intelligence)
  • About the properties of wood (science)


When I play on climging equipment I learn...


  • Physical strength, coordination and balance
  • To cooperate with others when involved in group play
  • To solve problems


When I play with sand I learn...


  • Concepts of size, shape, and volume (math)
  • How to use tools (writing)
  • Concepts of warm and cool, wet, damp, dry, heavy, light (intelligence)
  • To observe changes (science)


When I do cooking projects I learn...


  • About nutrition, tastes and food groups (intelligence)
  • How heat and cold change things (science)
  • Whole-part relationships and concepts of volume and measures (math)
  • Vocabulary
  • Awareness of my own and other cultures (intelligence)


When I play in the family living area I learn...


  • To be flexible in my thinking (intelligence)
  • To express myself with my words (language)
  • To solve problems through negotiation with friends (intelligence)
  • To sort and organize things (math)
  • To improvise and use things in a symbolic way (intelligence)


When I sing songs I learn...


  • Principles of music and rhythm
  • Vocabulary
  • Memory skills and sequencing (reading and math)


When I cut with scissors I learn...


  • To control the small muscles of my hands (writing)
  • Concepts of shape, size, color, and location (math)


When I play I learn.